We asked ChatGPT to write an “about us” paragraph that describes a group of four friends that shared their hopes and dreams over a period of 20 years and eventually opened a brewery together.

We are a group of four lifelong friends who have shared our hopes and dreams over the past 20 years. After years of talking about our passion for brewing and our desire to start a business together, we finally took the leap and opened our own brewery. Our close bond and mutual love for beer has enabled us to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can come together to enjoy a delicious pint and create new memories. We are proud to bring our unique brews to the community and look forward to sharing them with you.

make the ‘voice’ more like Steve Jobs

We are four visionaries united by friendship and a common passion: brewing. For two decades, we’ve shared our hopes, our dreams, and our unrelenting pursuit of excellence. And now, after years of contemplation, we’ve made the bold move to turn our passion into reality by opening our brewery. Our unyielding commitment to quality, combined with our deep bond, has allowed us to create a sanctuary where the pure joy of beer is celebrated. We are proud to bring our innovative brews to the world, and we invite you to join us on this journey of taste, friendship, and fulfillment.

now in the ‘voice’ of Homer Simpson

Mmm… beer. It’s the nectar of the gods, and it’s what brings us together, four friends united by a love for suds. We’ve been talking about opening a brewery for 20 years now, and finally, we did it! We’re brewing up some delicious beer, and we can’t wait for everyone to come drink it with us. We’re like a family here, and we want everyone to feel welcome, whether they’re downing a cold one at the bar or just hanging out with friends. So come on down to our brewery, grab a beer, and let’s make some memories! Woo Hoo!

now ‘Donald Trump’

Friends, let me tell you, we have a tremendous brewery. Four of us, the best friends you could imagine, came together to create something truly special. For 20 years we talked about our love for brewing and our desire to make it a reality, and finally, we made it happen. This brewery, it’s going to be huge, believe me. The best beer, the best atmosphere, it’s all here. And let me tell you, we’ve got a tremendous bond, it’s unbelievable, it’s like a family. We’re making America great again, one beer at a time. So come on down, try our beer, it’s going to be tremendous, believe me.

now Stewie Griffin

Greetings, dear friend! I, along with three of my closest companions, have embarked upon a most glorious endeavor – the creation of a brewery, you see. For two decades we’ve discussed our love for the frothy nectar and dreamed of bringing it to life. And now, at long last, our plan has come to fruition. Our brewery, it’s simply divine. A place where one can partake in the delectable libations, surrounded by the camaraderie of fellow beer enthusiasts. Our bond is unbreakable, like a family, only better, because there’s beer. Do come and visit us, won’t you? We shall raise a pint and toast to our collective success. Cheers!

now Joe Biden

Folks, let me tell you, this brewery is something special. Four old friends, coming together to make something truly great. We’ve been talking about this for 20 years, and finally, we made it happen. This brewery, it’s a place for people to come together, to share a cold one and make some memories. We’re like family here, and we want everyone to feel welcome. So come on down, have a beer, and let’s get to know each other. This is the heart of the community, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

TLDR – Neighbors, families, beer, sharing, brewing, hilarity ensues.

Tower Hill Brewing, Co.


Ivan Nazario
Founder / Brewer

Bob Golden

Jeff Goodno
Brewery Consultant

Brian Hubert

Bob Meyer